Ladies and Gentlemen .​.​.

by Dolls on Fire

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Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Dolls on Fire at Atzero Studios in Lees Summit, MO


released November 13, 2012

All songs performed by Dolls on Fire.

All songs written by Hodson, except "Minotaur", written by Hodson/Jaggard/Johnson



all rights reserved


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Dolls on Fire Kansas City, Missouri

For almost a decade, Zach Hodson & Rachel Jaggard have been taking their brand of energetic, quirky-yet-catchy indie rock across the Midwest & Eastern United States. Having worked as numerous band names, shuffles & line ups, the core of what sets them apart has remained constant: the playful dance of tightly harmonized voices above deft songwriting.

Their current incarnation is Dolls on Fire.
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Track Name: Give Me a Reason to Love
Baby that's some hard selling
telling me that you found the old feeling
saying that you care again

Give me a reason to love again

Isn't it just crazy
how I'm not so crazy
now that you want something from me?
I need you like a hole in my head
which would match the one
in my heart perfectly

Now I must be dreaming
cause I remember you running away from me

Baby I'm just not buying
any of it sounds like the old lying
that I caught you doing before

Give me a reason to love again

Now don't you be calling me
unless you just like to hear the phone ring
cause I have found a much better thing than you
Track Name: Hosanna (On the Radio)
Let me tell about this girl I knew
her name was Hosanna but we called her Sue
she sat alphabetically next to me in school
She lived down the block from me
had a jungle gym and an Atari
so of course I thought she was pretty cool

Then one day out behind the shed
she kissed my cheek and I turned red
she told me we could be very best friends
well I was just a boy young in my days
so I got scared turned and ran away
and we never spoke about that day again

And I remember seventh grade
I was still pretty heavy in my ninja turtle phase
and she was starting to get into
something called Gwar
fast forward to junior year
she got a job at Hot Topic
gauges in her ears
and all the angst a little girl could want

She traded in her choir pipes
for a brand new kind of pipe
that helped her see things she had never seen
she joined a band with some guys
with shaggy hair and sexy eyes
the Bravery t-shirts and skin tight jeans
and that song they sing

That shit is on the radio (on the radio)
that bitch is on the radio (on the radio)

And now they sell out every show
and they got themselves a video
and Rolling Stone says she's the next Ms. Thang
and I'm really kicking myself in
cause I knew her way back when
and I never even knew that she could sing
let alone be a rock n' roll queen
and now
Track Name: Minotaur
I was walking one day
carrying a little basket
through a tall dark forest
hooded in red
I could hear the leaves a crying
telling me to hurry
I could see the branches quaking
shaking with dread

My man's got a mean, mean temper
my man's got a minotaur heart
my man's cold like December
my man's got a minotaur heart

I know a girl
who took the bull by the horns
left her little basket
broken on the ground
spellbound she was
by the golden ring
too late to run
now she's labyrinth bound

Still your beating heart
and fear not the darkness in which it dwells
for soothing winter will surround you
flakes of purest white fall upon your glassy eyes
an icy calm that numbs you
fatally certain you recline and await
the monster as he draws close
Track Name: GFY (300 Hands)
I can count the days
since I've seen you
on 300 hands
300 memories of your hands on me
Whoa, but not in that way
oh no no no no no
but fighting and clawing
you're biting your gnawing
trying to suck the marrow out of me

You've got problems
well that's cool
let me tell you a secret
I've got some too
but you don't see me crying like a bitch
knock your bottle back
take one more swig

Away, away
from whatever you said to me
whatever you meant
when you said to get away
oh I tried to save you
I tried to be your friend
oh I tried to pick you up
when you were crumbling

and I'll never forget how you
asked me to keep it all secret
how you couldn't walk
you couldn't talk
you couldn't function
hitting on all the shorties
sneaking gin at 6 in the morning
and how about that time
you pissed yourself
in the back of the van
Whoa ...

you've got problems
well that's cool
all the rest of us in this damn world have them too
and its time to say adieu to you
and all of yours
send us a postcard
from the floor
Track Name: A Boy Like Me
I'm already rowing backwards
straight into the tide
and I hear gurgling gasping voices
pleading for my time

Will they wait for me?
wait until I mind
Will they wait for me?
wait until I make up my mind

I'm already taking phrases
out of complete context
and I'm already turning shades
of crimson by reflex

and will they wait for me?
wait until I've grown
and will they wait for me?
wait until I'm old
until I'm done being cold
like the long cold winter
I'm not done
oh, I may be broken now
but I won't be forever

and would wait for me?
oh my darling
wait and see while I'm resolving
all the things that keep me
a boy like me
and would wait to see
the celebration that is me
the transformation that will be
from a boy like me
a boy like me
Track Name: Jem vs the Volcano
Jem's alarm goes off
at 4:30 am
it makes her think of "Bad Medicine"
the way it shrieks and wails
awakens her ears
which awakens her head and
14 eggs are cracked
into grandmother's mason jar
down the chute as she jogs past the cars
on her way to the track
outside of Raytown Southern Jr. High
where she keeps on running
while her mind keeps on running
and running that

Oh, these should be damn good times for me

The boys come out in short, short shorts
for 3rd period PE
they stick to the inside lanes while she
laps them one by one
in a state of not caring
about what they're thinking and
after school all the bullies start to prey
throwing stones and mockery her way
as her patterned feet
step aside each time
and they miss her completely and

she'll keep on running
while her mind keeps on running and running that

oh, these should be damn good times for me

why does she run?
we do not know
it seems a queer familiar though
to those of us with bottles
of this lava in our souls
and as the suns last dying rays
paint the sky then run to gray
her bottle starts to shake and sputter
until the top explodes
and she shoots lava from her eyes
runs down her cheeks past her belly
onto weary thighs
no one's around to hear her
pained and mournful cries
but she'll be back again tomorrow

These should be damn good times for me
Track Name: No One Will Love You Unless You're a Man
No one will love you unless you're a man
and you start acting like a man
you act just like a boy child
why be a boy child?
you are a boy child
don't be a boy child
please be a man

See you've got a new shiny gun
and you're pissed off at everyone
playing in the sun
while you're inside alone

Take all your regrets, darling
set them 3 by 3, multiply and see
all the pain that you've caused for me
and Sally Timpani
you have broken her down
and now she will never sing again